The CreateSession API can be used to enable single sign on into Everyware. Session links expire automatically after 24 hours. It is recommended a new session link be created each time a user opens Everyware from your system.

Inbound Parameters

Menu_ItemEx: Available Structures: payment, invoice, messages, subscription, campaign
Date_TimeTime stamp of the session request.
Unique_IDExternalID for user, if provided on internal parameters.
External_API_KeysCollection of strings. Keys for the sites/locations the userID named above should be able to access.
  "menu_Item": "Invoice",
  "date_Time": "123456789",
  "unique_ID": "123",
  "external_api_keys": [
    "session_ID": "ea9e8b51-081d-4cd3-957d-ca16796af667",
    "embedded_URL": ""