Creating a Session for a Single Use

Endpoint Access URL: [POST]

The CreateSession API can be used to enable single sign on into Everyware. Session links expire automatically after 24 hours. It is recommended a new session link be created each time a user opens Everyware from your system.

Inbound Parameters

Menu_ItemEx: Available Structures: payment, invoice, messages, subscription, campaignREQUIRED
Date_TimeTime stamp of the session request.OPTIONAL
Unique_IDExternalID for user, if provided on internal parameters.OPTIONAL
External_API_KeysCollection of strings. Keys for the sites/locations the userID named above should be able to access.REQUIRED
  "menu_Item": "Invoice",
  "date_Time": "123456789",
  "unique_ID": "123",
  "external_api_keys": [
    "session_ID": "ea9e8b51-081d-4cd3-957d-ca16796af667",
    "embedded_URL": ""

Using Postman (, create an http POST request to Enter your payload in the body and click “Send.”

The API will return the session ID and the embedded URL for your iFrame.