Card failed to be tokenized: INVALID CARD

When using a test card for making a regular payment, it goes through. But if i use the same test card for recurring/subscription payment, I get the following error: Card failed to be tokenized: INVALID CARD My card detail for test :-1: Card number : 4111111111111111 CVV: 159 Expiry: 02/24

SMS not recieving on phone number

Hi Team, I am deploying everywhere (Invoices - Pay by Text) API `[POST]` and after giving required fields as a payload which contains required US 10 digit phone number API giving successful response and generated link is also valid link provided in response but SMS is not receiving on given phone number Please help me to get out from this issue. Response: { "OrderNumber":"7122023", "SMSID":"2436522", "IsSuccess":true, "Message":"Your Pay By Text invoice has been successfully created.","Data":"<"> } Thanks.

API endpoint testing

I am currently setting up a connection with your API and I have found no information in your documentation about testing calls. Is there a testing environment? or testing data? or are we just going full wild west?? I have included the code below that I want to test but my concerns are rather many as there is no actual documentation of protocol headers or call types (I'm assuming POST your documentation doesn't say) I have figured out that the content-type header is explicitly required along with the auth (no documentation stating that, and your system doesn't accept the auto-generated header produced by node request or Postman so it has to be explicitly set) and I am wondering if there are any more hoops that need to be jumped through that are not mentioned in your documentation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (req, res) => { const form = req.body; const options = { url: ``, method: "POST", headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json" }, auth: { user: env.EVERYWARE_USER, pass: env.EVERYWARE_KEY }, body: JSON.stringify({ "FirstName": form.first_name, "LastName": form.last_name, "Address1": form.address1, "Address2": form.address2, "City":, "StateCode": form.state, "PostalCode":, "CountryCode": || "US", "Email":, "AccountNumber": form.account_number, "RoutingNumber": form.routing_number, "Amount": form.amount, "ChargeType": "charge", "IsEmailReceipt": false, "IsSMSReceipt": false, "CreateToken": false }) }; request(options, function (err, response) { if (err) { //console.error(err, "EVERYWARE SERVICE ACH Create Payment ERROR", err); return res.status(500).send(err); } else { return res.status(200).send(response); } }); }

CreateInvoice JSON required fields

Hello EveryWhere team, in documentation for CreateInvoide JSON api some of fields are marked as REQUIRED ("BusinessAddress2" etc.) but in json-samples they are not present. Please clarify Andrey Zubik [email protected]

The account/card number is invalid.

I get the following error while making transaction against Everyware merchant. any body can help the reason behind this error. Is it that i might be trying with invalid credit card number? my card type is VISA. <ProcessPaymentAuthResult> <transaction> <status>Failed</status> <reasoncode>409</reasoncode> <transactionid>N/A</transactionid> <description>The account/card number is invalid.</description> </transaction> </ProcessPaymentAuthResult>