You can send an SMS message to your customer or contact's mobile phone using this method.

This also creates a new contact in the system, much like CreateCustomer. If the name and mobile phone do not match anyone in your Contact list, it will be added against your business.

Access URL:

Inbound Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired/Not
FirstNameContact (customer/message recipient’s) first nameREQUIRED
LastNameContact (customer/message recipient’s)last nameREQUIRED
MobilePhoneContact (customer/message recipient’s) Valid mobile phoneREQUIRED
MessageTextThe body of the outbound SMS message to the contact.REQUIRED
ExternalIDUnique identifier Everyware can store optionally.Optional
  "FirstName": "FirstName",
  "LastName": "LastName",
  "MobilePhone": "000-000-0000",
  "MessageText": "Message",
  "ExternalID": "123456"
    "IsSuccess": true,
    "Message": "Your message was successfully sent.",
    "Data": "4962577",
    "OrderNumber": null


RE: System

When a message is sent through the API, the sender will appear as "System" in the Messages page in the Everyware portal.

Sample CreateSMSMessage Code

  "FirstName": "John",
  "LastName": "Doe",
  "MobilePhone": "5551112222",
  "MessageText": "Hello this is a test.",
  "ExternalID": "12345"