Payments Overview


There are many different ways businesses can invoice and collect payments from customers in Everyware.

Sample code is provided for the most common payment type and method combinations within the docs.

Before payment functions will work, your Everyware account must be connected to a merchant account.


Merchant Account Required

Each business must have a merchant account connected to it for payment features to be activated. Everyware can integrate with existing MIDs/gateways if necessary. See your everyware account representative about adding a new Pay by Text merchant account to your site(s).

Payment Types

Pay by Text | CreateInvoice
Create and send invoices by text or email individually.

Create and send invoices by text or email or in batches with SMS reminders.

Virtual Terminal | CreatePayment
Charge customers online, by phone, or in person and send a "Thank you" SMS when finished.

Optionally, require two-factor authentication before processing SMS verified payments.

Also see > iframePayments for options on collecting payments through Everyware on your website checkout page.

Enroll contacts in subscription plans to charge their tokenized payment method per subscription billing period.

Payment Methods

Credit Card, ACH, Paypal, ApplePay and other payment methods are supported by Everyware.


Available Payment Methods Vary by Account

Payment method availability depends on partner account settings. Check with your account manager to verify the methods you need are activated for your sales sites.

What’s Next