Getting Withdrawal Batch Reports

Access Endpoint URL: [POST]

You can use the GetWithdrawals method to extract the following deposit batch data for captured charges within a specified payout range: batch numbers, number of transactions per batch, total batch amount before adjustments, number of transactions, number of refunds, refunded amount, total chargeback amount, transaction fee amount, other fee amounts, the final amount deposited after adjustments, and the date of the batch payout.


Data Access

Note: Access to Withdrawals Report data depends on the payment processor or gateway configuration for the site.

Inbound Parameters

Parameters should be passed in a single JSON-body object.

Parameter NameDescriptionOptional/Required
StartDateEstablishes the earliest date in the range for withdrawal batches.Required
EndDateEstablishes the latest date in the range for withdrawal batches.Optional

Response Parameters

Parameter NameDescription
BatchNumberA unique identifier from Everyware's partner that indicates the batch in which this transaction is bundled.
SalesCountThe total number of sales that occurred within the batch.
SalesAmountThe total value of the sales that occurred within the batch.
RefundCountThe total number of refunds that occurred within the batch.
RefundAmountThe total value of all the refunds that occurred within the batch.
GrossThe sum of all sales and credits.
ChargebackAmountThe amount returned in chargebacks.
TransFeesThe sum of the transaction fee from Everyware's partner and Everyware's transaction fee.
TotalFeesThe total fees associated with the batch.
WithdrawalAmountThe total amount that was withdrawn from the partner account to be sent to the merchant.
WithdrawalDateThe date on which the funds were withdrawn from the partner account and sent to the merchant.

Code Sample

  "StartDate": "9-1-22",
  "EndDate": "9-7-22"
curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic [xxx]' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw ' {
"StartDate": "9-1-22",
  "EndDate": "9-7-22"
    "IsSuccess": true,
    "Message": null,
    "Data": [
            "BatchNumber": 123456,
            "SalesCount": 2,
            "SalesAmount": 2.00,
            "RefundCount": 0,
            "RefundAmount": 0.0000,
            "Gross": 2.00,
            "ChargebacksAmount": 0.00,
            "TransFees": 0.00,
            "TotalFees": -0.55,
            "WithdrawalAmount": 1.45,
            "WithdrawalDate": "2022-09-06T12:00:00"
            "BatchNumber": 7891011,
            "SalesCount": 3,
            "SalesAmount": 6.00,
            "RefundCount": 0,
            "RefundAmount": 0.00,
            "Gross": 6.00,
            "ChargebacksAmount": 0.00,
            "TransFees": 0.00,
            "TotalFees": -0.89,
            "WithdrawalAmount": 5.11,
            "WithdrawalDate": "2022-09-02T12:00:00"

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