POST CreateSubscription

A new subscription can be created against an existing customer card token using this API method.

Access URL:

Create Subscription Inbound Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired/Not
CardTokenSpecific token that references the credit card to be charged.REQUIRED
PlanCodeA code that refers to a subscription plan that was previously set up in Everyware.Optional (See Below)
StartDateThe date the subscription will begin. Should follow format MM-DD-YYYYOptional (defaults to today if not given)
RecurringChargeThe amount to be rebilled at each billing interval. Format should be 1.00 = $1.00REQUIRED
DiscountAmountOptional discount percentage amount. Format is 5 = 5%Optional
TaxAmountOptional tax amount. Format should be 1.00 = $1.00Optional
IntervalThe length of the interval between subscription billing: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthlyREQUIRED
NumberOfIntervalsHow many intervals the subscription will loop for before it expires.Optional (see below)
ServiceDescriptionA brief description of the service being billed in the subscription.Optional

To send a message to subscribers at any point during their subscription plan process, use the CreateSMSMessage Call.



Interval can be: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly


Plan Codes

If PlanCode is provided it must already be setup in Everyware for your business/sales site.


Number of Intervals

If NumberOfIntervals is not provided then it defaults to 999

Create Subscription Code Sample

  "cardToken": "1234abcd",
  "planCode": "SAMPLE1",
  "startDate": "1-1-2021",
  "reccurringcharge": "10.00",
  "discountAmount": "1.00",
  "taxAmount": "2.50",
  "interval": "monthly",
  "numberOfIntervals": "5",
  "serviceDescription": "Sample Service",
    "IsSuccess": true,
    "Message": "The subscription was successfully created.",
    "Data": "2364",
    "OrderNumber": null

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