Hosted Checkout

Customize and enable online payments through our low-code Hosted Checkout solution.

Hosted Checkouts are a great way for businesses to allow customers to make online payments without having to worry about PCI compliance or heavy coding. With a straightforward setup process you can create as many checkout pages as you need and quickly accept secure online payments.

See: How to Create a Hosted Checkout (Everyware Hosted Checkouts Guide)

ParameterDefinitionRequired or Optional
firstNameFirst name of paying customerRequired
lastNameLast name of paying customerRequired
emailAddressCustomer’s email, standard format ([email protected])Required
phoneMobile phone number of customer, provided in 10 digit format: 3055551212.Required
amountTotal amount to be processed – No “$” required. Example: 1.00Required
descriptionLine item name. If left blank, will default to '[BusinessName] Payment'Optional
showbuttonShow or hide the Pay Online button. True or FalseOptional
buttontextText label for buttonOptional
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