POST CreateRefund

Use the CreateRefund rest API to void a pending preauthorization, or to refund a transaction that has already settled.

Access URL:

Inbound Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired/Not
RefundTypeAccepts either “Full” or “Partial”, based on whether the full amount is to be refunded or only a fraction. **Full is default value, and Amount is ignoredREQUIRED
AmountAmount to be refunded (if you choose Full you can leave this blank, as it will automatically refund whatever the total price was originally charged)Optional
InvoiceIDThis is the unique value returned from the processor gateway that identifies a transaction in Everyware.REQUIRED

Create Refund Code Samples

  "RefundType": "full",
  "Amount": "1.00",
  "OrderNumber": "",
  "InvoiceID": "ew_3JN25fAawEMtODxF3OEtn7Q1"
    "IsSuccess": true,
    "Message": "The refund has been processed.",
    "Data": null,
    "OrderNumber": null