Hosted Payment Pages

Create unlimited hosted payment pages from the Everyware portal and customize the hosted payment widget to take the standard Open Pay Online button widget to the next level.

See: How to create Hosted Payment Pages in Everyware

Pass customer and billing data from your system to the PCI secure Everyware Hosted Payment Widget to allow customers to view and pay amounts due with security and ease.

ParameterDefinitionRequired or Optional
FirstNameFirst Name of paying customerREQUIRED
LastNameLast Name of paying customerREQUIRED
AddressLine1First line of customer’s billing street addressREQUIRED
AddressLine2Second line of customer’s billing street addressOPTIONAL
AddressCityCustomer’s billing address cityREQUIRED
StateCodeCustomer’s billing state code, in two letter format, so “Florida” = “FL”REQUIRED
CountryCodeCustomer’s billing zipcodeREQUIRED
AddressZipCustomer’s billing country code, in two letter format, so “United States” = “US” (this is default)REQUIRED
EmailAddressCustomer’s email, standard format ([email protected])OPTIONAL
PhoneMobile phone number of customer, provided in 10 digit format: 3055551212.REQUIRED
AmountTotal amount to be processed – No “$” required. Example: 1.00REQUIRED
DescriptionLine item name. If left blank, will default to '[BusinessName] Payment'OPTIONAL
showbuttonShow or hide the Pay Online button. = True or FalseOPTIONAL
buttontextText on button, defaults to 'Pay Online'OPTIONAL
<div id="EWWidget">
<script src="">
const payInfo = {                            
FirstName: '',                           
LastName: '',                            
AddressLine1: '',                            
AddressLine2: '',                            
AddressCity: '',                            
StateCode: '',                            
CountryCode: '',                            
AddressZip: '',                           
EmailAddress: '',                            
Phone: '',                           
Amount: '',                           
‘Description: '',                            
(div ="EWWidget",
 buttontext="Pay Online",
 showbutton = true,
 csshref= "",
 defaultPayInformation = payInfo);

Example Hosted Payment Page View

If widget parameters are left blank, customers can key in the amount they wish to pay in the $0.00 amount due field at the top of the page.


Hosted Pay Page $0.00