POST CreateSMSReminderMessage

After you send an SMS invoice, control the automatic reminder messages that follow using this call.

Access URL:

CreateSMSReminderMessage Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired/Not
MobilePhoneMobile phone number of customer, provided in 10 digit format: 3055551212.

Must be a valid mobile number or the message will be not be sent. Everyware checks for mobile number validation.
MessageTextThe body of the outbound SMS message to the contact.

To include the pay by text link in the reminder, find it in the original CreateInvoice call response for this customer.
OrderNumberThis is the number associated with the invoice that appears on the top of the customer facing invoice as "Invoice #" and throughout the Everyware portal.REQUIRED
  "MobilePhone": "5555555555",
  "MessageText": "Hi this is a reminder your payment is due. [PBTLINK]",
  "OrderNumber": "5555"
    "IsSuccess": true,
    "Message": "Hi this is a reminder your payment is due.",
    "Data": "4620347",
    "OrderNumber": null