POST UpdateInvoiceStatus

When a payment is made outside of Everyware, use this call to update the status of the pay by text invoice. This way, your customer won't click the invoice link you texted before they paid (by cash, check) and open to an apparently unpaid invoice.

Access URL:

Inbound Parameters

ParameterDescriptionRequired / Optional
SMSIDThe SMSID returned in the original CreateInvoice call.Required
StatusThe status you want the invoice changed to. Ex: CancelledRequired
    "IsSuccess": true,
    "Message": "The invoice status has been successfully updated.",
    "Data": null,
    "OrderNumber": null,
    "SMSID": null

If UpdateInvoiceStatus is used to change an invoice status to Cancelled, pay by text invoice link will open to "No Longer Active" page with instruction to call or text the business.

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