Get Terminal Transaction Status

Access Endpoint URL:{TerminalTransactionId}/status [GET]

You can use the GetTransactionStatusAsync method to get the status of a transaction by passing the TerminalTransactionID received in the response to the SendPaymentToTerminalAsync call.

Response Parameters

Parameter NameDescription
IdUnique Identifier of a transaction in EW system.
TransactionIdExternal system's id used to identify the transaction.
ExternalIdExternal system's Id used to identify the customer.
StatusTransaction status (see table below for more details)
ErrorMessageError message if transaction failed
Status ValueDefinition
1In Progress: A payment request has been sent to the terminal and is pending completion by the the payer.
4System Process: The transaction is being processed by the Everyware system.

Response Sample

    "Id": 1,
    "ExternalId": "externalId",
    "Status": 2,
    "ErrorMessage": "",
    "TransactionId": "123456"