Universal API Responses

All calls to the API generate a universal response which contains the same basic formatting, as shown below.

IsSuccessWill return true or false based on if the intended transaction was successful. In the case of an error, the value will be "false", and the error message will come through in the Message node
MessageThe specific message that defines the outcome of the transaction. In the instance of an error, this is where the extended error message will be delivered.
DataThe cluster of data that acts as a response from the API corresponding to the transaction. This can be separated into an array, distinct based on what transaction was performed.
OrderNumberThe order number associated with the transaction (if applicable)
SMSIDThe internal identifier for the SMS Message associated with the transaction (if applicable)

Here is a sample failed response from a call to the CreatePayment endpoint.

"OrderNumber": "ABC123",
"SMSID": null,
"IsSuccess": false,
    "Message": "Card information is invalid.",
    "Data": {
        "TransactionStatus": false,
        "InvoiceNumber": "",
        "InvoiceID": "",
        "ReceiptNumber": null,
        "TokenStatus": false,
        "TokenResult": null,
      	"IsUnderReview": false,
      	"ReconciliationId": null,
      	"AuthorizationCode": null

Typical error messages will be specific to the actual problem with the transaction. In the instance of processing payments, they can be messages directly from the issuing bank of the credit card/debit card, or warnings specifically about fraud management.