Getting Payments Reports

Access Endpoint URL: [POST]

You can use the GeneratePaymentReport method to pull payment report data available in the Everyware Portal "View Payments" table for a specified date range. These details can then be displayed in your system's reports and dashboards. You also have the option to filter the results by five additional parameters: Order Number, Phone Number, Card Number, Transaction Type, and Payment Type.


Date Range must be limited to a maximum of 180 days.

Inbound Parameters

Parameters should be passed in a single JSON-body object. Filter payment report data with the following inputs.

StartDateEstablishes the earliest date in the range for the report.Required
EndDateEstablishes latest date in range for the report.Required
OrderNumberFilters payments in report by order number (invoice number). This can be found in the requests and responses from both the CreatePayment and CreateInvoice APIs.Optional
PhoneNumberFilters payments in report by phone number.Optional
CardNumberFilters payments in report by the last 4 digits of the credit card number.Optional
PaymentTypeFilters payments in report by type:
1 - Virtual Terminal
2 - Invoice
3 - Subscription
4 - Cash
5 - POS
6 - BNPL
Transaction TypeFilters payments in report by transaction type:
- Charge
- Refund
- Authorized
- Voided
- Failed
- Chargeback
- Under Review

Code Sample

    "StartDate": "2023-02-10",
    "EndDate": "2023-03-30",
    "OrderNumber": null,
    "PhoneNumber": "55555555555",
    "CardNumber": null,
    "TransactionType": null,
    "PaymentType": null
curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic [xxx]' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw ' {
    "StartDate": "2023-02-10",
    "EndDate": "2023-03-30",
    "OrderNumber": null,
    "PhoneNumber": "55555555555",
    "CardNumber": null,
    "TransactionType": null,
    "PaymentType": null
    "IsSuccess": true,
    "Message": "The Payment Report has been created",
    "Data": [
            "AccountName": "",
            "AccountNumber": null,
            "AccountType": "Master Card",
            "AddressCity": "Austin",
            "AddressCountry": "US",
            "AddressLine1": "123 Testing",
            "AddressLine2": "",
            "AddressState": "TX",
            "AmountPaid": 1.30,
            "InitialAmount": 1.3000,
            "Business": "Hello Sunshine Auto",
            "IsChargeBack": false,
            "ChargeBackDate": null,
            "Currency": "USD",
            "ExternalID": "",
            "IndividualID": 9096457,
            "DateAdded": "2023-03-29T11:01:24.07-05:00",
            "ModifiedDate": null,
            "ExpirationMonth": "10",
            "ExpirationYear": "29",
            "FailureCode": "",
            "Fee": 0.00,
            "Message": "",
            "Net": 1.30,
            "PaymentID": 15490433,
            "OrderNumber": "111111",
            "InvoiceID": "151791431",
            "PaymentMethod": "Card",
            "PaymentType": "Virtual Terminal",
            "TransactionStatus": "succeeded",
            "Status": "Charge",
            "Phone": "5555555555",
            "Provider": "",
            "ReceiptEmail": "[email protected]",
            "ReceiptNumber": "",
            "Refunded": false,
            "RefundedAmount": 0.0,
            "SalesRep": "",
            "Subcenter": "",
            "UserName": "S",
            "UserID": 16257,
            "Validated": "No",
            "Verified": false,
            "TransactionFee": 0.00,
            "TipAmount": 0.0000,
            "ConvenienceFee": 0.0000,
            "DeliveryFee": 0.0000,
            "OtherFee1": 0.0000,
            "OtherFee2": 0.0000,
            "PartialPayment": false,
            "ProductOrService": "New Patient Enrollment Fee",
            "Refund": null

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