This function allows for a new merchant to be synched up to the Everyware system, which will generate credentials specific to that merchant. These credentials can be used moving forward to process transactions of varying types against that merchant.

When setting up a site for which a New Merchant Account application will be submitted, it is necessary to provide the business owner’s information as the Main Business Contact.

The business' main point of contact (the Owner) address, email, and phone number will be used to create a site.

Access URL:



Optional: BusinessTypeID

The BusinessTypeID will determine the default services, invoice fields and other feature settings throughout the site. If blank, the industry will default to the Master Site’s Business Type. If blank at the Master Site level and business level, sites will default to the most generic site type, “Other.”

FirstNameFirst name of Main Business Contact (Owner)REQUIRED
LastNameLast name of Main Business Contact (Owner)REQUIRED
DateOfBirthDate of Birth for Main Business Contact (Owner). Format as mm-dd-yyyyREQUIRED
SSNSocial Security Number for Main Business Contact (Owner). Format with no hyphens.REQUIRED
EmailEmail Address of for the Main Business Contact (Owner)

This appears on your email receipts and invoices!!
PhonePhone Number for the Main Business Contact (Owner). 10 digits and numbers only.REQUIRED
Address1Line One of the Main Contact's Street AddressREQUIRED
Address2Line two of the Main Contact's Street AddressOptional
CityCity for Main Contact's Street AddressREQUIRED
StateState code of Main Contact's Street Address. Use 2 letter state code, “TX”, “FL”)REQUIRED
PostalCodeZipcode of Main Contact's AddressREQUIRED
BusinessLegalNameLegal name of the companyREQUIRED
DBADoing Business As name of companyREQUIRED
EINTax Identification NumberREQUIRED
BusinessPhonePhone number of business. 10 digits and numbers only.Optional
BusinessEmailPrimary email address of business.Optional
BusinessAddressLine one of business street address

This appears on invoices and receipts.
BusinessCityCity of business street addressOptional
BusinessStateState code of main business contact (please use 2 letter state code, “TX”, “FL”)Optional
BusinessPostalCodeZip/postal code of business street addressOptional
BankNameName of Company’s Bank

This is the bank to which Everyware will deposit funds.
AccountNameName of Company’s Bank Account

This is the account to which Everyware will deposit funds.
AccountNumberCompany's Bank Account Number

This is the number of the account to which everyware will deposit funds.
RoutingNumberCompany’s Bank Routing Number

This is the bank to which Everyware will deposit funds.
BusinessTypeIdThe type of business or industry.

Business Type Name & ID:
- Default Business Type: 1
- Business Services: 10
- Chiropractor: 13
- Consulting: 20
- Home Services: Other: 50
- Hotel Service: 55
- Law Office: 61
- Medical Spa: 71
- Non-Profit: 75
- Other: 77
- Property Management: 88
- Rentals: 96
- Retail: 98
- Salon: Other: 103
- Tours: 119
- Wellness Programs: 126
- Dentist: 127
- Pharmacy: 139
- Restaurant: 140
- Travel Agency: 143
- Doctor - Chiropractor: 148
- Synagogue: 1148
- Health: 2207
- Mosque: 2275
- CBD: 2299
- Churches: 2301
- Utilities: 2302
- Billing: 2303
URLWebsite address for the business.

Format without http/https prefix.
ExternalAPIKeyEnter only if you want an External Key defined by you to override the key that is assigned by Everyware.Optional
APIKeyWhen creating a sub-location, use the parent API key you wish for this location to be associated with.Optional
UsernameWhen creating a sub-location, use the parent Username you wish for this location to be associated with.Optional
ReferralIdThe ID that will signal to the name of the referring company or agent to Everyware account management team when new sites are created.

Ex: "Incfile"


Mobile NumberUnique messaging phone number assigned for the business.
SalesSiteIDThe unique identifier in Everyware for the business.
API KeyThe API Key for the newly created business.
UsernameThe username generated for the newly created business, which will usually be the same as a SalesSiteID.


  "FirstName": "John",
  "LastName": "Test",
  "DateOfBirth": "01-01-2001",
  "SSN": "555443333",
  "Email": "[email protected]",
  "Phone": "5555555555",
  "Address1": "100 Main St",
  "Address2": "",
  "City": "Austin",
  "State": "TX",
  "PostalCode": "78754",
  "BusinessLegalName": "Pharmacist ABC",
  "DBA": "Pharmacist ABC",
  "EIN": "123456780",
  "URL": "",
  "BusinessAddress": "201 Main St",
  "BusinessCity": "Austin",
  "BusinessState": "TX",
  "BusinessPostalCode": "78701",
  "AccountName": "ABC Bank Account",
  "AccountNumber": "9998899",
  "BankName": "ABC Bank",
  "RoutingNumber": "9999999998"
  "ReferralID": "Sunshine"
    "IsSuccess": true,
    "Message": "Nice ! New Business Account has been created successfully.",
    "Data": {
        "MobileNumber": "5555555555",
        "SalesSiteID": 127982,
        "UserName": "127982"


In Everyware a newly created business profile page looks like this: