White Label Custom Subdomain

White Label partners may use their own domain to access their Everyware portal site(s).

For example, if your public website is www.hellosunshineretail.com, you can make your Everyware portal site work from http://pay.hellosunshineretail by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to your domain hosting website (ex: GoDaddy)
  2. In the DNS settings for your website add a DNS record with the following info:
    Type: ARecord
    Value: pay.hellosunshineretail.com

New Subdomain (Most Common)
ex: For a subdomain on your existing website domain enter "pay" to create the site pay.hellosunshine.com

Points To:

  1. After creating the record, be sure to click Save in your DNS settings. The domain hosting provider will then complete the changes.

  2. Notify [email protected] of the custom domain and request a CSR so it can be registered as an approved domain for accessing your white labeled payments and messaging portal.

  3. Navigate to the domain you created and when it shows your Everyware login page, then your domain has been successfully configured.


Important! SSL

You must secure your payments and messaging portal domain before using it. See the Next Steps on setting up your domain with SSL.

What’s Next